Internet Scale Architectures and Inspiration

Here’s a few of my other favorite IT industry sources that I visit for research and inspiration modern 2015-style Internet Scale architectures, hyper-paced Lean Startup methodologies, and more: :  really see what internet-scale IT architectures / technologies look like : wide variety of up-to-date technical topics

UK Register on Storage:  often bluntly refreshingly honest UK based IT website :  IT data center infrastructure

GigaOm :   this website recently shut down (commentary here) – but while it was up, it was one of the best for the leading headlights of where technology was going

Here are some overview tutorials that I’ve built for my conference speaking,  that detail various Internet-scale IT foundational concepts,  agile Lean Startup methods, digital customer journey, and other foundational concepts:

Overview of Google’s Introduction to Warehouse Scale Computing – how commodity-based enterprise IT is built, Google’s rationals.  Foundation concepts for all internet-scale IT architectures.

Big Data – a 2014 chart deck describing how Big Data fits together into today’s world

Customer Decision Journey – the foundation concepts for today’s mobile / social digital customer marketplace

Disruptive Innovation – a 2012 discussion detailing Clayton Christensen’s landmark Harvard Business School work

Lean Startup methodologies – What any business can learn from the best of today’s Silicon Valley startups –

Holistic, humanistic business perspectives that will change forever the way you approach business :  Simon Sinek, one of these talks is the 3rd most popular TED talk of all time

Finally, to get a real good sense of how far we’ve come, and how fast we’re moving…..

Watch the iconic, historic, hugely entertaining May 2007 Steve Jobs – Bill Gates panel discussion on Youtube

It was May 2007.  The iPhone had been announced but not yet delivered.  Be amazed at far we’ve come.


These are some of my classical favorites – hope these are helpful.

John Sing

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